Faster Broadband comes to the parish

TIMES Press Release January 2021 - click here for details 

MHDC Press Release September 2020 - click here for details 

Community Fibre Partnership - gigabyte broadband   January 2021 UPDATE 


A big thank you to all who responded to the recent invitation to take part. We are however still some way from reaching the targets for each of the 4 schemes. Cotheridge and Little Green have had sufficient people sign up that they have qualified for Government support. This means on completion 97 local households and businesses will have fibre to premises connections. 


However Broadwas village has not yet had enough sign ups for this part of the scheme to proceed. So far out of the possible 121 premises 30 have signed up (5 businesses and 25 residential premises). We do not need everyone to sign up but if we can generate vouchers to the value of about £20000 (Residential = £1500 Business = £3500) with the Worcester County Council Top Up Fund we should be able to proceed. 

So if you live in Broadwas village please consider signing up and either download the form here or contact Richard Burrows 01886821678 

Knightwick to Broadwas form


Select the form and load down a Word document. Once downloaded (a status line at the bottom of your screen shows when) save it. Edit the form with you information and email to Richard Burrows.

Bringing faster broadband to Cotheridge and Broadwas


Thanks to a government funding scheme the Parish Council are working with Worcestershire County Council Superfast Broadband Team and BT Openreach to help all businesses and homes in the parish have a better internet connection.

Presently most of us benefit from the fibre network that links local cabinets to exchanges, however the connection between local cabinets still relies on copper wires, which depending on where you live or work can mean that connection speeds are slow and or can’t keep up with demand. The scheme means that subject to there being enough local commitment that a fibre connection can be installed to most addresses in the parish. As a result, there will be a faster and more reliable connection, which as the use of the internet continues to expand, we all will stand more chance of keeping up. 


There may not be another chance for some time

Recently the government announced that it was cutting funding and targets for the role out of fibre to premises broadband, this means especially for rural areas it is less likely that there will be similar funding schemes in the foreseeable future


Some key information 


  • A fibre connection replaces the copper one that links premises to the nearest green cabinet box. This box links into the Superfast fibre network. A full fibre connection means you can have faster speeds, greater capacity and more reliability, especially important if there are lots of people using the internet.

  • Many premises in Broadwas are not far from the green cabinet which means they get good speeds now, but the further you live from the cabinet the slower and less reliable copper connections become, and even then they cannot carry the volume or higher speeds that fibre can. 

  • There is growing evidence that a full fibre connection can add value to property and benefits the long-term prosperity of a community.

  • If you were to pay for full fibre instillation then the cost could be depending on where you live anything from £1500+ to £10,000+ 

  • By signing up you attract the government voucher but have to agree to take up from your service provider a full fibre package for 12 months, after then you can step down to a lesser package. Costs vary but it is a very competitive market so roughly depending on your service provider it can be as little as £10 extra a month for 12 months. A small price to pay for the future benefits and potential of a full fibre connection. 

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